I'm a former public-sector lawyer with a knack for writing words that make people care (...and whip out their AMEX). 

I help bold companies like yours craft messages and campaigns that do more than sound good (but they do that too).

My keen way with words mixed with persuasion know-how means your copy will connect deeply with your customers so that they can’t help but want more from you and your brand.

This means more sales, more engagement, more enthusiasm, and more of an impact.

recipe (1).png

My punch copy recipe looks something like this:

* A homemade base of some really good writing
* Strong brand voice added throughout
* A heap or two of quality research
* A cup or more of optimization to taste
* Some ladles of UX
* Top it all off with a heavy dollop of creativity

So let’s whip up something extra delicious, wake up a few neighbors, and get this party of yours going strong.



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Words and stories have followed me my whole life. 

As a child, I learned that stories are everything. I was a voracious reader and authored a number of terrible mysteries. I was the kid who never stopped asking why.

As a young adult, I learned to write “the right way.” I earned a BA in English Literature and Anthropology (with a focus on sustainable development) and later a JD, which is basically an advanced English degree. 
As a public sector lawyer, I learned to write for power and persuasion.
I understood that the party who controls the narrative, wins the case. 
-- Plot twist. I hated litigation and uncovered new ways of lending a hand.

As a startup employee for high growth legal tech companies, I learned to write for metrics and growth. I wrote words that converted people into clients and nurtured corporate community. 
-- Plot twist. I wanted MORE. 

Now as a creative collaborator, I help forward thinking people align with their ideal client through smart + original copy.