Hi! I'm Amy (but you knew that)  

I'm floating-home dwelling, Sausalito-living (that's the side of the Golden Gate Bridge that isn't San Francisco), creative partner and copywriter. 


And my story?

Words and stories have followed me my whole life. 

As a child, I learned that stories are everything. I was a voracious reader and authored a number of terrible mysteries..

As a young adult, I learned to write “the right way.” I earned a BA in English Literature and Anthropology and later a JD, which is basically an advanced English degree. 
As a lawyer, I learned to write for power and persuasion. I understood that the party who controls the narrative, wins the case. 

-- Plot twist. I hated litigation.

As a startup employee, I learned to write for brand and growth. I wrote words that converted people into clients and nurtured corporate community. 

-- Plot twist. I wanted MORE. 

Now as a creative collaborator and copywriter, I help forward-thinking organizations find their message, say it clearly, and get people buying, donating, or simply curious.