How I Use Quizzes to Build Lists, Capture More Leads, and Get More Likes

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Hey! I’m Amy from Amy Lipner Copywriting, which is where I help businesses find, refine, and capitalize on their brand voice.

This video is all about quizzes. I know I like my videos to be pretty short and snappy, so I'm going to do my best to keep that in line for you.

Heads up, there's some construction happening. So if you hear that, bear with me. I'll try and talk loudly.

So the video is divided into three quick parts. One, I'm just going to quickly run through quizzes. What they are, and why they are so popular. Two, I’ll talk about who quizzes are good for and when to use them. And three, I’ll wrap up with a really quick demo of one of the platforms that I've been using, which is Interact for how to think about, start strategizing how to write a quiz.

Quizzes: What are they and why they are so popular?

Okay, so quizzes. What are they? Well, they're quizzes. I'm specifically talking about the Buzzfeed style quiz, or kind of lead magnet quizzes that you're probably seeing grow in popularity. Those quizzes that are popping up on your homepage that are asking you to like, "Oh, do you know what kind of entrepreneur you are?" Or like, "What's your sleeping style? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And they're really effective, because they're really fun. So, how many of us know what our Myers-Briggs are? I feel like if you've ever online dated, about like one in every four people are announcing what their Myers-Briggs are. Mine personally, is an ENFP. And see, you just kind of want to share. "Oh now, if you know what that means, you know a little bit more about me."

So why are they so popular in the marketing world? Well, just like I said, people love them. There's a stat that says like one ... excuse me. Three out of every four people is hooked by a quiz. And the best part is, like I just showed you, people want to share them. So people want to say to their friend, "Oh, what did you get?" So it's a really, it's fun. And because of that, quizzes end up being a really great tool for businesses generating and capturing leads. The best part about it is that those leads are already pre-segmented. If you do any sort of email marketing, you know how important it is to have a segmented list. And also, how annoying it is if your list is not segmented, to try and set that up!?

Kind of along with that too, quizzes can qualify, pre-qualify your leads. So you know who's a good fit for your product, or what product. It just makes things much, much easier. And quizzes typically convert much, much higher. Interactive content in general is just a higher conversion. You automatically have buy in from people, people are excited about what you're doing. And, the cool part is, it actually improves SEO because there's a much lower bounce rate, and people are spending a higher average time on the page. Rad.

When and if you should use quizzes

Okay, so who are quizzes good for, and when should you use them? Quizzes are actually good for lots of different organizations and companies. I've seen everyone from SAAS products, to nonprofits, to just regular, “regular products” CPG companies use quizzes with really great results. So, with SAAS it can be helping people to pick the right product, or see if their product is good for this company or person at the right time.

Products, I see a lot, especially like, I'll use skincare as an example. I know AnnMarie has a quiz, I think True Botanicals has one too. Update: Care/Of has a great quiz too. It makes a lot of sense for companies like that, especially when you have a suite of products, and you're trying to introduce people to kind of what they could be using, and get them to try different things. If they came for a moisturizer, maybe you should think about the balm and the serum, but in a way that's a lot more tailored and directed. So you know if you have dry skin, this serum is really great for that.

Also, I've seen non profits use quizzes, which I think is great. Big non profits like Greenpeace, and WWF...not wrestling, the World Wildlife Federation have been using them to raise awareness, and get people to sign petitions, which is super rad.

So, when should you use a quiz? I recommend using a quiz largely at the top, or early, mid part of your funnel. Quizzes are a really great way to build rapport, trust brand and product awareness. Maybe just think kind of logically. The further down in the funnel someone is, the less likely someone will need kind of the coaching, or the education around your product or service. They'll kind of already know. But that said, if you do use a quiz just for kind of fun, or to get people, or keep people engaged in your brand. A quiz is a really great way to do that. To basically have people stick around, have people like you, kind of like a little cookie, if you will. A digital cookie.

Awesome. So, what I'm going to do now is flip over to Interact, the quiz platform that I use. Walk you quickly through what I do for quizzes, give you some things to think about. Yeah, okay, so we will hop right to that.

Building an Irresistible Quiz

Okay, so here we are in Interact. And the first thing to say about Interact is they have a few different options for you when it comes to quizzes. You can either do a pre-made quiz, which is what this one is. Or, they have ones that you can just kind of create yourself. So, let's just work on a pre-made one, because it's easier, and it's a great way to start. So this one is, "What is your brand voice style?" Which is what I as a copywriter focus on, so I thought it was a great place to start.


What is your brand voice style? So the first thing that you'll be asked to do, is work on the cover page. I always like to start with styles. So background color, color of the tab, this picture is not really my thing. So, let's go ahead and start over, and instead let's look up microphone. What's great, is Interact has a whole kind of set of available ... Let's pick that one, stock images that you can just use. So crop and save. It's probably not the best crop, okay. I'll go ahead and fix that later.

What's your brand voice? Fix this. Style, you can also add your logo if you want, and do your colors. Again, I don't feel like we need to do that right now. So then here you are on the cover page, start button, you can change the language. If you instead want to go like, "Let's get going," you can change that. So, let's get going, and off you go. So, the thing that I think is really important, is kind of going back to this idea of segmentation is, with the quizzes you want to first work backwards, and which is really thinking about your segments.

So, who are your customers, who are you reaching? With this question about brand voice, for me I think of four people. These are all the ones that were provided. The educator, which I think is right. The person who's kind of like teaching information. The visionary, the forward thinker, the one who's kind of pushing the limits. The connector, which I consider more of like the buddy. And then, I also think that there is another result, which is like the quirky brand voice. Again, I'm going to change these. You'll see these, I'm going to put this quiz up shortly. This is all going to be different. Again, you can go ahead and search for a new image, and then you'll go into each, edit the results. This is not the language I'm going to use.

And then, you can hide the call to action, if you want more information or if you don't. I'm not, this is not ... I'm not going very deep into these personality types, or brand voice types. That's not really what I'm interested in. So, hide the call to action so there won't be one that's there, and you can kind of go through each of those, build out those segments, and move right along.

Okay, so the questions. Again, these are all pre-provided. I'm going to use this one, "What stage of business are you currently in?" So, you can see the text types. You can either have a text, so, "I've been in business for two plus years." Or you can do images. What stage of business are you currently in? Isn't really a question that I'm going to be asking. I think for me what's more important, if we're talking about brand voice is, "What social media platform are you getting the ..." Nice. " ... Most traction on?" It's going to be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et cetera, et cetera. Can go through and, think they have one in here. Okay. It's not the best, you're probably going to want to find your own. This is fine. Crop and save. So, you can choose whether or not you want a text or an image quiz. Typically image quizzes perform better. Most of my aren't going to be image based, but because this makes a lot of sense that you can. You can ... I'll do images for this one.

Okay, and then what I think is the most fun part, is editing the result correlations. If someone is getting a lot of traction on LinkedIn, they're probably going to be more likely ... Oops, an educator. And, maybe a visionary. Twitter, same, I would say educator. Visionary ... But, basically the point is, that you're able to control the result correlations, and you can do multiple ones, which I love. And Interact will kind of work behind the scenes on the algorithms to match up what the results are.

There is, I haven't used this yet, a branching logic that you can start to use. I know it's in beta for Interact. Ever since I took the LSAT, the logic games was definitely my least strong part. So anything with logic I'm kind of like, "Ooh, no. No thanks." So, I'm curious if anyone has tried it, to let me know. And so then you can go through each of these questions, edit them as needed, and then link them up. And then, so we're kind of coming to the end of what you need to do. Ooh, let me add too. I'll add this in the show notes. It's like I'm a podcast.


I'll list it in the notes below, but there's some really great questions. Interact Blog has different questions that you can use ... Whoops. Don't know if it's up there. But, it's definitely in their blog. I'll link to it, and then there's some other websites that have great questions to just kind of get you thinking about which questions to use, and just kind of get some creative thoughts going, so it's not all set questions. I personally would try and change most of the questions, 'cause you want it to be you.


So, you'll enable the lead capture. This is obviously, you definitely want to do this. I do this at the end. You'll setup an opt in form, you can pick, "See my results," put their email in. I always like to do first and last name, so you can personalize your emails too. You can make the choices. And then, you can link it up to any of these platforms, whatever you're using. I'm using MailChimp right now, so I'll go ahead and do that. I'm not going to make you watch that. Then, basically you kind of run through all of that. If you want to start segmenting, which you should. You can map your quiz data to your email list, and that is that.

I think that's a really good place to start. Oops, stop. Not a really good place to stop with quizzes. Interact, obviously this is an affiliate link, which I will link below. But, I really ... It's super easy to use, they've been super helpful. I highly, highly recommend them. I'd be using them if I didn't have an affiliate link. But, I'll include all of those notes below, and I would love to hear if you are using quizzes in your business, if you've thought about it. If you've used Interact, just kind of what your thoughts are. What are your hesitations, if any are on quizzes, or what results you've seen.

So yeah, feel free to reach out to me! I'm at My Twitter is waywardaim. And, yeah, I'm on Medium, Amy Lipner too. So, would love to hear from you. Leave a note below, and I'll see you soon. Okay, thanks so much. Bye

Amy Lipner