Your homepage is your first impression. Make it memorable.

You have 3 seconds to make a first digital impression. If your homepage were a party it would that moment the door flings open to welcome a new guest. Your homepage would be the ambiance, crowd, and lighting rolled into that quick calculation every guest does. The calculation where they decide is this for me?

3 seconds for your customer to to nod and think "Yes! That's me! And I want more."

And you can do so much in those 3 seconds . Especially as a values-forward business. Why? Because for values-forward businesses the "that's me" moment is even more powerful. Because as intractable as your values and mission are to your business, they are even more so to your customer.

In 3 seconds you can start to connect, build trust, and foster a relationship. Make your homepage the party that’s impossible to leave.


What do you get?


With 3 seconds to connect online, your homepage does a lot of work to introduce your company, connect with customers, and share what makes your business so unique. 


Headlines that pique interest keep people reading

Values-forward copy that’s optimized to convert

A homepage you’ll actually be proud to share

A stronger, more cohesive brand voice that actually sounds like you

CTAs (calls-to-actions) and UX suggestions that prompt action

Copy tools + insights to build your brand


This might be just the right thing for you if...


* Your homepage feels dull, bland, or just boring

* You’ve never heard the words “Wow, I LOVED your homepage

* There’s no discussion of your values-forward approach

* The best headline you’ve got is “Welcome!”

* Your homepage is totally out-of-sync with your business


But! this is probably isn't a good fit if:


* You don’t have a website;

* You just don’t see the value in a strong homepage;

* Your are too busy for 60 minutes of intake.


Here's how it works:


Step 1: Intake

You'll get a detailed set of questions that's all about you. Your clients, goals, voice, and everything else I need to know to make your homepage stand out.  


Step 4: First Draft + Review

You'll get a detailed Google doc that you can edit and add comments on. We'll do one round of live edits together. 


Step 2: Kick-Off Call! 

We'll review the detailed intake form, nail down exactly what it is you want, and talk specifics.


Step 5: Editorial Adds Polish

A final polish from a professional editor makes it shiny.


Step 3: Research + Data Mining 

I'll take all the details you shared and dig deeper to get a better sense of the market, your competition, and how to make your company stand out.


Step 6: Go Ahead, Hit Publish!

It's all set! Your brand new homepage copy ready to be unleashed on the world.