As a lawyer-turned-copywriter, I have that perfect balance of practical process and creativity to give any copy a reason to celebrate. 

Here's how:


1. Mark your calendar

You’ve found your way here — and please, make yourself at home! If what I’ve been saying rings true, take a quick minute and fill out this form. I’ll be in touch in 48 hours. 


2.  Let’s Get to Planning

This isn’t a drive-by kinda planning call. We’ll dig into your project, of course, but also your business and brand. I’ll get to know your operations, your market, and how I can support you. You’ll get actionable ideas, insights, and a copywriter that’s ready to work some magic. 


3. Is it too early for a proposal?

Not my kind of proposal. After I have a clear idea of how I can help, I’ll send you a project outline, including :

  •    Project scope
  •    How I’ll go about delivering the goods
  •    A proposed start date
  •    An investment quote    

If you’re ready to say yes, I’ll send you a short statement of work and invoice for a 50% deposit. Then, I'll set time aside and get down to it!


4. Setting the stage to make some magic

Research. Your brand, your company, your market, your products + services, your customers, and yes, your competition. 

Writing. This where I put all that research, experience, and words to work. I know the difference between copy that just sounds good and copy actually that puts in work and converts.

Editors. I send your copy off to a team of editors.

Revisions. I include a round of revisions in each project. We make changes to the draft until it is your perfect sheen of shine.

party hat (1).png

5. Paaarty!

This is the moment we’ve been working for...pop that bottle! We’ve got real, live copy here. Ah yes, the sweet smell of success. And no need to stop the celebration, I’ll be here to ensure smooth sailing through the launch.


6. Are you thinking about an after-party of optimization?

Optimization is for folks who are interested in really revving up their copy. Or maybe you just nerd out on data. Whatever the reason,  if you are interested in integrating A/B testing to your copy, let’s chat.