List 5 brands you love. 

(For me it's Patagonia, Everlane, REI, Method, and Equator Coffee). 

Great. Now Why do you love them?

It’s probably not because of their color palette or perfectly crafted logo (though, those do help), but it’s probably something deeper.

You might even feel more connected to that brand than your cousin or your neighbor. Because this brand's voice, message, and memories have been with you longer than you can remember. The relationship runs deeper than most of us admit.

Genuine. Sincere. REAL.

This is why we get extra angry when we learn a beloved company donated heavily to the wrong political party or violates your values…you’ve invested in them. And you take it personally.

So how does this connection happen?

It’s what happens when you’ve nailed down your company’s message. And when you are a socially conscious company, it’s even more important.  

A 2015 study by Nielsen showed that 66% of global consumers will pay higher prices to support companies committed to making a social and environmental impact.

The trick is that message creation + refinement isn’t about thesaurus thumbing (though that will happen), it is about getting to understand your customers.



So, what is messaging strategy?

Think of your messaging strategy as your go-to marketing template.

A messaging strategy not only engages your customers, it helps streamline your copy and marketing efforts.

Because when you understand your value proposition, other pieces of your business flow more easily.

When you book a messaging strategy with me, I pull out all the stops.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer research - Nothing beats a conversation. So I’ll dig in and get chatty with your customers to understand how we can make your product or service the perfect answer to their needs. Surveys, phone calls, message mining, I pull out all the stops to make sure we understand how to appeal to your target market. 

  2. Competitive Analysis -  I’ll lift up the curtain and see what your competitors have been up to. You’ll get the details and I’ll use it help figure out how to position your message + voice to get your dream clients in the door.

  3. Complete Analysis - Data’s only good if you analyze it, so I’ll dig into the research and use the findings to inform and direct your message. You'll find key words + phrases that do more than just look good on the page.

  4. Writing - Once we’ve got a good handle on your company’s unique value proposition, we’ll get to writing whatever document you need most. Whether it’s a brand voice doc or a complete messaging campaign - I'll take care of it from start to finish.

  5. Messaging Strategy - With everything in place, you'll have words, themes, and a strategy to employ around your brand messaging. You'll know what words and phrases to leverage, what messaging statements and approaches to amplify, and best of all, you'll have a repeatable strategy that's available whenever you want it.  


Here’s How I Help

Brand Voice Document

Laying the foundation. I’ll craft a 10-page PDF document that outlines and explains value proposition, tone in various channels, and includes sample copy for all. This makes on-boarding new team members a breeze.    

Prices start at $2000    

Messaging Campaign

A new product roll-out? A big update headed down the pipeline?Or just looking to inject some new energy to some tired marketing approaches? Let’s dig in and understand the best way to message these updates. This includes research and campaign collaboration with headlines + taglines drafted by me (estimated time from start to finish 4 weeks).

Prices start at $3500

Strategy + Copy

It’s all here. You’ll have a brand voice that makes customers feel understood, and a value proposition that makes sense. Plus, I’ll draft your web copy so that it is right in line with all of the hard work and optimized for engagement. Includes research and brand voice document.

Prices start at $7000